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Our Starter Pack has a total of 48 Personalized Labels and a Bag Tag. It's a perfect start to labelling your child's belongings. See Product Description below image for more information.


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Our Starter Pack is a good mix of 4 different Label types and a small Bagtag. A total of 48 Customized Labels and a Bagtag, is a perfect start to labelling your child's belongings.

It also makes for a good gift. It consists of Mini Labels for thin skinny items like pencils, toothbrush etc, Small Labels for small hard to track items, Medium Labels popularly used on snack boxes and water bottles, Shoe Labels with which you can easily identify your child's shoes, and a Small Bag Tag .


12 x Mini Labels
Size: 50mm x 7mm | 2" x 1/4"
As the name suggests, these Customized Name Labels are designed for thin and/or skinny items and are perfect for School. These Personalized Stickers are made from High Quality Vinyl and can be stuck to lots of different surfaces. They also make for great Birthday Return Gifts!
Ideal For: Pencils, pens, markers, crayons, eyeglasses, sunglasses, spoon, fork, paintbrush, ruler, toothbrush, stapler, comb, toys, etc.
Personalization Option: Up to 2 lines (Name and Class/Grade).

12 x Small Labels
Size: 24mm x 12mm | 1" x 1/2"
These unique Small Customized Name Labels are perfect for those small, easy to lose items. Whether it is a sharpener, cell phone, memory stick, or medication - you are sure to find a 100 different uses for these Personalized Labels - for School & otherwise. These Durable Customized Labels are made from High Quality Vinyl.
Ideal For: Toiletries, medication, stationery items, cell phones, camera, stapler, memory stick, glue stick etc.
Personalization Option: Up to 3 lines (Name and Class/Grade).

12 x Medium Labels
Size: 50mm x 20mm | 2" x 3/4"
Our Medium Name Labels are an easy way to keep track of all your belongings. These Large Personalized Stickers are perfect for large size items such as Ipads and sporting gear. These Customized Name Labels are made from Top Quality Vinyl and are perfect for school items.
Ideal For: Water bottles, snack box, lunch box, sports rackets, helmets, musical instruments, sippy cups, flasks, laptops to name a few.
Personalization Option: Up to 3 lines (Name and Class/Grade).

12 x Shoe Labels (6 Pairs)
Size: 50mm x 22mm | 2" x 0.9"
When your child is at school with a number of other children, it is essential to keep their shoes labeled. Many a times, kids have to remove their shoes for Yoga, PE, Dance etc, and they all have very similar shoes! Make sure your kids shoes are clearly labeled so that they can easily identify which shoes belong to them. These Personalized Shoe Labels come in attractive shoe shaped designs that are perfect to be stuck on the insole of any shoe. Morever, these Customized Shoe Stickers are Sweat safe, Temperature safe and Waterproof.
Ideal For: Shoes, slippers, any type of footwear.
Personalization Option: Up to 3 lines (Name and Class/Grade).

1 x Small Bag Tag
Size: 54mm x 34mm | 2.1" x 1.3"
Your bag will be hard to miss with our stylishly Personalized Bagtags with your Name/Contact Info printed on it. They can be easily attached to your bag with the provided Lanyard. These Customized Luggage Tags are great for labelling School Bags as well as Suitcases and other Baggage. No more hunting for your bags on the bus or the Airport Luggage Belt. Make your bags and suitcases easily identified with this Custom Bagtag.
Ideal For: School bag, Diaper Bag, Lunch Bag, Dance Bag, Sports Bag, Gym Bag, Strollers, Backpacks, Camera Bag, Camping Bag, Laptop Bag, Beach Bag, Suitcases, Carry-ons, Holdalls etc.
Personalization Option: Name and up to 3 lines of optional text.

Durability: Made from High Quality vinyl, our Labels are Microwave safe, Waterproof & UV Protected.

Designs: Choose one from our large range of Attractive Design themes for kids and adults. You can select a different Theme and Design option for each Label type!

Pack Personalization: One name per pack. All the Labels in this pack will have the same name.



1. Peel and stick the Label to a flat, clean, dry surface. When applying the Label, press firmly.
2. Make sure to smooth over the Label to press out any wrinkles or air bubbles.
3. Press down firmly at all the edges of the Label as well.
4. Wait 24 hrs before washing the item. This will give the adhesive enough time to bond.
CAUTION: Non-stick surfaces will not allow the Labels to adhere. Stickon Labels should be applied by an adult.



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