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Shoe Labels

from ₹499.00
50mm x 22mm | 2" x 0.9"

Use our attractive Shoe Labels to make sure your kids shoes are clearly labeled so that they can easily identify their shoes. Sweat safe, Temperature safe & Waterproof Shoe Stickers. See Description below image for more information.


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When your child is at school with a number of other children, it is essential to keep their shoes labeled. Many a times, kids have to remove their Shoes for Yoga, PE, Dance etc, and they all have very similar shoes! Make sure your kids shoes are clearly labeled so that they can easily identify which shoes belong to them.

These Personalised Shoe Labels are made from Top Quality Vinyl, and come in attractive shoe shaped designs that are perfect to be stuck on the insole of any shoe. Morever, these Customized Shoe Stickers are Sweat safe, Temperature safe and Waterproof.

Ideal For: Shoes, slippers, any type of footwear.

Durability: Made from High Quality Vinyl, our Shoe Labels are Sweat safe, Temperature safe and Waterproof.

Designs: Choose one from our large range of attractive Design Themes for kids and adults. You get 6 co-ordinating Label Designs under each theme with every Label set.

Personalisation Option: Up to 3 lines (Name and Class/Grade).

Also available online in the following Value Packs: Starter Pack, Boarding / Camp Pack, Ultimate Pack

Size: 50mm x 22mm | 2" x 0.9"
Top Quality Vinyl
Sweat Safe
Temperature Safe



1. Peel and stick the Label to a flat, clean, dry surface. When applying the Label, press firmly.
2. Make sure to smooth over the Label to press out any wrinkles or air bubbles.
3. Press down firmly at all the edges of the Label as well.
4. Wait 24 hrs before washing the item. This will give the adhesive enough time to bond.

CAUTION: Non-stick surfaces will not allow the Labels to adhere. Stickon Labels should be applied by an adult.



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