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Our Story

Hi! I am a typical mum - running around all day. Growing up, I probably had one pencil case, and no gadgets (no - they didn't exist then). But kids of today and the amount of stuff they own! Things were constantly going missing.. Water Bottles, Snack Boxes, you name it. I was making more trips in a week to the Lost-and-Found at school than I was to my gym! About 4 years ago, my 9 yr old (at the time) lost his Ipod and his PSP in the same week! That's when it hit me - I needed to label his things to prevent this kind of wasteful expense. I looked around and I found some personalised name labels online, but they were just too plain for my liking. With my background in Print and Design, I decided to come up with my own Designer range of Customised Stickon Labels.


And so Smile Labels was born… Our labels are Full Feature Design Labels - so the design extends throughout the entire label, making them more fun and attractive! 


Replacing lost items is just too expensive nowadays. The best way to save on replacement costs is to add a name label to everything that is taken out of the house. Choose from our wide range of attractive label designs and stick them anywhere from dance bags, to stationery, to shoes, toys, clothes, anything you can think of. These are also great as Birthday and Return Gifts.


Happy labelling!